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The ProteinPlus Webserver was designed and developed by Rainer Fährrolfes and Matthias Rarey at the Research Group of Computational Molecular Design, University of Hamburg, Germany.

ProteinsPlus is a common framework to make computational tools for structure- based molecular design developed in the AMD research group of Prof. Matthias Rarey available on the web. The usage of this service is free of charge. We thank you for citing the computational methods behind ProteinsPlus. You find the corresponding references in the short description of each tool. For more information on scientific literature, software availability, and projects we refer to our group homepage and to the web page of our software development partner BioSolveIT.

The ProteinsPlus server and all its attached components are provided as is. Any warranties, including, but not limited to correctness, fitness for a particular purpose, data safety are disclaimed. In no event, the University of Hamburg shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages.

The server uses the following technology:
- Ruby On Rails: rubyonrails.org
- NGL Viewer: github.com/arose/ngl

We thank all developers for generously providing this software.

We are happy to receive feedback and comments, please contact us via e-mail at pplus(at)zbh.uni-hamburg.de.

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